Don’t Let Osteoarthritis Wear You Down To The Bone

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The Unnatural Aging Process When you hear the terms “little old lady,” or “little old man,” what image comes to your mind? I know I think of a hunched over, shuffling, “handi-capable” elderly person, whose strength, as well as, size has slowly diminished over decades. What if I told you this was not the “natural aging process,” and that there […]

Chinese New Years: Year of the Ram

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The Year of the Ram celebrates success created by harmony and togetherness. Patients keep asking me about the significance of the Year of the Ram. Anyone unfamiliar with the Chinese New Year may not even know what the Year of the Ram means. So, below is a very brief description of the Chinese New Year and this year’s qualities. A […]

How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally

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Only a small percentage of the population has genetically predetermined high cholesterol; the rest of us can control our reduce bad cholesterol naturally with diet and exercise. So, for most of the population, changing what you eat and increasing your exercise are a much more effective and lasting solution than prescription drugs. Adding acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs to your […]

Got “Tech Neck?” Chiropractic Can Help!


What’s next, “modern-age mid-back?” “Desk job shoulders?” What’s the big idea?! No doubt about it, computers and technology have made all of our lives easier, our jobs more organized, and helped our friends and families connect and share in a whole new way. Being tech savvy has also lead many of you to experiencing new aches and pains, increased muscle […]