Acupuncture For The Flu and Other Sicknesses

Acupuncture-For-The-FluMy patients are always worried about getting others sick. At Day Wellness, we appreciate the concern, but you might not be contagious. When that’s the case, it’s better to come in for treatment. Acupuncture for the flu boosts your immune system and helps you get better faster.

If you’re worried about getting other people sick when you’re sick, you’re not alone. None of us want to spread illness. There are times when it’s best to stay home and times when it’s best to get treated. Below are some instances of when to stay at home and how to take care of yourself in those instances.

  1. If you’re really tired and you have chills and/or fever (hot and cold sensations), but you haven’t had any other symptoms yet, you might be contagious. In this case, it’s probably best to stay home and take care of yourself before it gets worse. I suggest:
    • Taking a hot bath. Get in the tub, and stay there until you start to sweat. Once you begin sweating, dry off and get in some warm clothes to help continue the sweating. Once you stop sweating, towel off and put on some dry clothes. Keep warm.
    • Eat some soup with clear broth (not creamy), cooked vegetables and lean meats.
    • Increase your Vitamin C intake significantly. Your body will get rid of what it doesn’t need, because Vitamin C is water soluble.
    • Rest. Laugh and smile. Try to avoid stress, including stressful movies or TV shows.

This will help boost your immune system, and release the pathogen attacking you. If you do this early enough, i.e. right when you notice symptoms, you might stop the sickness before it begins. Once the chills and fever subside, come in for acupuncture as soon as possible. It will boost your body’s ability to heal itself and stay healthy. I might suggest some Chinese medicinal herbs to keep you on the healing track.

  1. If you’re vomiting or have urgent loose stools, it’s also best to stay home. Rest and drink lots of water. Add electrolytes, like Pedialite, to replenish your energy. Sometimes, the only thing you can keep down is broth. You might be able to add some white rice and ginger. White rice is pretty easy to digest, and ginger helps to settle the stomach and improve the ability to digest. Garlic is a natural antiviral and antibacterial food, so have some. If you also have chills and fever, you can use the healthful tips previously recommended to boost your immune system and clear potential pathogens. If vomiting and loose stools are excessive and/or last more than a couple of days, see your MD. If the symptoms pass in 24 hours, come in for acupuncture after. Vomiting and urgent diarrhea exhaust the body. Acupuncture can boost your energy and help heal the trauma in your gut and body caused by the vomiting and loose stools.
  1. If you have symptoms of more severe or contagious diseases, like measles or meningitis, go to the emergency room at your hospital immediately. Tell the staff immediately that you suspect you might have a contagious disease.

Outside of those situations, please come in for acupuncture when you’re sick. You can even come in if you feel overly tired like you might be getting sick. The only time to avoid it in that instance is if you also have chills and fever. Once the chills and fever pass, come in as soon as possible for acupuncture, so we can help you clear what’s left and avoid the illness going deeper.

What About Antibiotics?

Antibiotics can be helpful in some situations, but they’re not always necessary or effective. Antibiotics treat bacterial infections. Most illness is viral, not bacterial. Come in for acupuncture first, and let’s use treatment and herbs to get you feeling good again faster without side effects. If I feel antibiotics will be more helpful for you, I’ll let you know. In most cases, the Chinese medicinal herbs I have for clearing toxicity, viruses and bacterial infections are more beneficial, because in addition to helping you in the moment, they boost your body’s ability to fight the viruses and bacteria in the future.


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