Herbs and Acupuncture to Cure Sinus Infection

How I used herbs and acupuncture to cure my sinus infection

I know firsthand through the results I’ve experienced and been able to share with my patients, acupuncture and herbs work.  Sinus infections and allergies are a couple of my favorite things to treat. My personal experience with using acupuncture and traditional Chinese formulas to treat my long-term sinus infections makes me a walking advertisement for my medicine.

By the time I made it to acupuncture, I was getting four or more debilitating sinus infections a year. Each one lasted at least two weeks or as long as a month. So, for several weeks every year, I was unable to think straight. I had headaches and couldn’t breathe through my nose. I couldn’t sleep, because I couldn’t breathe. I was missing days and weeks of work, because I couldn’t get out of bed, and I certainly couldn’t drive. How did I get here?

It started in my childhood. I had bronchitis on a regular basis. One of my clearest childhood memories is my mom rubbing Vicks Vaporub on me to help me go to sleep. It’s so clear, because it happened so often. Vicks Vaporub was my bedtime comfort. It helped me breathe, so I could sleep. I was often given antibiotics, which sometimes helped and sometimes did nothing.

As I grew older, the bronchial infections became allergies. I would sneeze as many as 20 times in a row. People laughed, but I was hurting. It’s so miserable to sneeze so much and not be able to catch your breath in between. Then, my nose would run and my eyes watered. Often, my eyes burned and were so red I could barely open them. It was worse in the spring and fall, so I was diagnosed with seasonal allergies. I was given OTC allergy medicines and sometimes antibiotics when the flare-ups became more like a cold.

Then, it evolved into sinus infections. It didn’t take much for a few sneezes to turn into a stuffy head, stuffy nose, headache, and fatigue that lasted for weeks.  Before acupuncture, I would not have seen this as an evolution. I was looking at it as just another sinus infection. I didn’t understand that it had all started long, long ago.

Once I started school for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, I started getting treated for my sinus problems. I learned that everything is related. I had so many issues that had their beginnings in the buildup of phlegm stagnation that began in my childhood with bronchitis.

My acupuncturist and I specifically focused on herbs and acupuncture to cure sinus infection, which she explained was the evolution of the bronchitis. She helped me change my diet to less phlegm producing foods. In other words, she told me to stop the ice cream and fried foods. Significantly decrease the dairy. In other words, limit dairy to yogurt and white cheeses if I didn’t eliminate it completely.  Avoid cigarette smoke, alcohol and coffee. I wasn’t perfect. I was in school, afterall. The coffee stayed, and I didn’t eliminate the carbs and dairy. But, with weekly acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs daily for about a year, all of my sinus issues still disappeared.

As a side note, I had warts on my palms that just faded away during that time. My acupuncturist didn’t know they were there. By healing my body from the inside and treating the root of my worst symptoms, other symptoms just faded away. I was amazed! The more I healed, the more I wanted to share this medicine with you and everyone else!

acupuncture cure sinus infectionYou might think that a year of treatment is a long time. But, if you’d been suffering from bronchitis and allergies and sinus infections and 20 sneezes in a row for most of your life, you’d understand that one year was nothing. During that year, I got 2 sinus infections but they weren’t anywhere near as intense or painful, and they only lasted a week. It’s been about 13 years since I’ve had a sinus infection. I’ve caught a cold or two, but they don’t last long. I take herbs and rest. And, now I know how to feel the early stages of a cold and take action to prevent it before it gets worse. I can teach you too.

If you’re tired of the sinus problems and allergies, call Daywellness today and make an appointment with me and let me show you how acupuncture can cure your sinus infection.

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