Use the Growth of Spring to Ignite Your Innate Joy


Amy Lesage, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner, gives her views on how to treat pain with acupuncture.

As we transition from winter to spring, we move from the season of hibernation, rest and preparation to the season of activity, movement and growth. Spring is the season to create. As flowers and trees bloom and sprout new leaves, we are also instilled with a refreshed energy that we can use to create. We create more joy when we take time to ask ourselves what we want and what makes us laugh and smile. This is true joy. It comes from deep within and enhances every aspect of our lives, because we’ve sparked the source of joy. Thus, joy is not just a reaction to what is occurring in the moment, which is often fleeting, but a deep feeling of peace that is constant even in the midst of things we might call “chaos.”

So, how do you get to the root of your innate joy?  Practicing rigorous self-honesty is a good start. Begin writing in a journal, if you haven’t already got one. Write down the following questions. Give yourself some quiet space and time to answer them. Write as much as you need to. Be specific. You may not know the answers right away, but the more you write, the more you get to the root of your feelings. So, here are the questions:
What gives you energy?

What makes you laugh and smile?

What drains your energy?

What causes you pain?

How can you redirect the energy in your life to bring more joy into your life, thus helping to prevent illness and injury?

If you look at your answers, and you feel that you can’t change anything, change your thinking. Do not allow yourself to feel stuck! If you feel stuck, you are stuck! Instead, allow yourself to believe that the Universe is dynamic; an always changing, very much alive, entity that is all around us to teach us and help us feel joy. Allow yourself to believe that this dynamic quality opens the door for the unlikely and the impossible to occur. Allow time and space for things to shift. While you wait, practice patience, tolerance, and compassion. Enjoy each moment, feeling gratitude for the joys you currently have and experience. So, that fleeting, in the moment joy helps you create more joy that grows into a deeper, more constant joy.

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