Got “Tech Neck?” Chiropractic Can Help!


What’s next, “modern-age mid-back?” “Desk job shoulders?” What’s the big idea?! No doubt about it, computers and technology have made all of our lives easier, our jobs more organized, and helped our friends and families connect and share in a whole new way. Being tech savvy has also lead many of you to experiencing new aches and pains, increased muscle […]

What is Causing my Headache: Part 3. A Functional Medicine Approach


What is Causing my Headache?  This multiple article series will help you figure out what has gone wrong within your body to create the presentation of a pain somewhere in the head. Headaches are often linked to global imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, and immunity in the body.  Migraine sufferers especially have a greater chance of success when combining, nutrition and […]

Acupuncture Helps Relieve Stress


43% of All Adults Suffer From Negative Effects of Stress and Symptoms Associated With Stress Stress blocks Qi. Acupuncture moves Qi. It’s a simple formula. What is Qi? How does stress block your Qi? How does acupuncture help? Here are some reasons that you and most everyone you know can benefit from acupuncture treatment. What is Qi? Qi is energy. […]

Fall Health Tricks and Tips to Transition into Autumn


Manage your health with these fall health tricks and tips to change with the seasons The fall is particularly hard on your body. Using these fall health tricks and tips can help you minimize the stress on your body and keep you healthy as you move into winter. During the fall your immune system is struggling to flow from the […]

Can Chiropractic Help My insomnia?


Chiropractic care can help maximize your sleep so your body can rejuvenate Importance of Sleep Adequate levels of sleep are critical to your health and overall wellness. Sleeping is the time where our body repairs and heals itself. Our body is constantly regenerating. Our red blood cells regenerate every 120 days. Our skin cells regenerate every 27 days. Even our […]

How Is Traditional Chinese Medicine a Unique Approach to Health and Healing? Part II


From its inception in China more than 2,500 years ago, acupuncture has been used traditionally to diagnose, treat and prevent disease, as well as to improve general health. The key thing that makes traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) unique is how we diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine Is the Fun Medicine! First things first. Traditional Chinese medicine is fun. […]

Your First Chiropractic Visit


Dispelling rumors about chiropractic treatment This article is meant to dispel rumors about the chiropractic treatment, and help you understand what a chiropractic treatment is, and what it’s meant to do. Dr. Day was apprehensive and wary of chiropractors for years. He dealt with chronic health problems and finally agreed to see a chiropractor on a recommendation of years prior. […]

Postnatal Acupuncture Care: Boost Your Energy and Breastfeeding Success

prenatal acupuncture helps breast feeding

Postnatal Acupuncture and taking time to heal after giving birth can greatly enhance your breastfeeding experience. In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe you lose a lot of qi (life force), blood and body fluids during the pregnancy and birth. Supporting yourself just after giving birth can boost your stamina to care for your baby and greatly enhance your breastfeeding experience. […]