Body Rehabilitation

Day Wellness Body Rehabilitation

Body rehabilitation programs are dynamic exercises and stretches that progress as your body progress. Each grows more challenging until your body is functioning at an optimal level.

With the physical stresses of trauma, sitting postures, and sports injuries put on our bodies; research shows certain movement patterns and muscle functions become inhibited.

Every rehabilitation patient starts out with a “movement screen”. During this exam you will be put through postural exams and a barrage of tests where your practitioner will map out the imbalances in your body, and then create a blueprint for correcting and rehabilitating your body.

Body Rehabilitation Programs Are:

  1. Often covered by insurance.
  2. Hands on, one on one.
  3. Dynamic and with the goal of Progressing you to full workout capabilities.
  4. Going to get you in great shape in the process.

“Did you know?” When we are children our nervous system naturally progresses our neural development from rolling over, to tummy time, to crawling, squatting and walking.

Many of the common problems adults face are from a loss of these natural, innate motor patterns. Our body rehabilitation programs are designed to bring your body back to it’s innate motor function by rehabbing you from the ground up!