Young Athlete Nutrition Guide; It’s What’s Makes Champions!


Young athlete nutrition is often overlooked by student athletes and their parents. With the proper nutrition your body will preform better and heal faster. It’s GAME DAY! What should your growing, developing athlete be eating? Before a practice? After a game? After an injury? To put it simply, your body requires the right kind of energy to be STRONG and […]

How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol Naturally

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Only a small percentage of the population has genetically predetermined high cholesterol; the rest of us can control our reduce bad cholesterol naturally with diet and exercise. So, for most of the population, changing what you eat and increasing your exercise are a much more effective and lasting solution than prescription drugs. Adding acupuncture and Chinese medicinal herbs to your […]

What is Causing my Headache: Part 3. A Functional Medicine Approach


What is Causing my Headache?  This multiple article series will help you figure out what has gone wrong within your body to create the presentation of a pain somewhere in the head. Headaches are often linked to global imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, and immunity in the body.  Migraine sufferers especially have a greater chance of success when combining, nutrition and […]

Fall Health Tricks and Tips to Transition into Autumn


Manage your health with these fall health tricks and tips to change with the seasons The fall is particularly hard on your body. Using these fall health tricks and tips can help you minimize the stress on your body and keep you healthy as you move into winter. During the fall your immune system is struggling to flow from the […]

Postnatal Acupuncture Care: Boost Your Energy and Breastfeeding Success

prenatal acupuncture helps breast feeding

Postnatal Acupuncture and taking time to heal after giving birth can greatly enhance your breastfeeding experience. In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe you lose a lot of qi (life force), blood and body fluids during the pregnancy and birth. Supporting yourself just after giving birth can boost your stamina to care for your baby and greatly enhance your breastfeeding experience. […]

What Are the Health Benefits of Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil?


As an acupuncturist who practices holistic medicine, my patients are always asking about nutrition. One question that keeps coming up is: What do you know about coconut oil? Here are the simple facts about the health benefits of consuming organic, virgin coconut oil. Health Benefits of Coconut oil: We need good fats, like those found in oils, for many reasons, […]

Herbs and Acupuncture to Cure Sinus Infection

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How I used herbs and acupuncture to cure my sinus infection I know firsthand through the results I’ve experienced and been able to share with my patients, acupuncture and herbs work.  Sinus infections and allergies are a couple of my favorite things to treat. My personal experience with using acupuncture and traditional Chinese formulas to treat my long-term sinus infections […]

A Simple Guide To Proper Marathon Nutrition

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Proper marathon nutrition can be described as eating as few things that are processed as possible, and eating a balanced ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrate. Macronutrient ratios, grams of intake, and overhauling your whole diet can get overwhelming, so let’s start with the basics. You are about to challenge your muscles and joints in a whole new way.  In […]

5 Solutions for Reducing High Cholesterol


Last week we discussed the various benefits of cholesterol and the ways it affects your well being.  You know now that our bodies need cholesterol for proper functioning. Below are 5 solutions you can incorporate into your daily life that will help to reduce high cholesterol. 1. Proper Nerve Supply – A lack of movement and proper alignment of our […]