How Functional Medicine Can Help You

Dr. Day interviewing patient

Dr. Day uses functional medicine to help many patients address their nutrition, supplementation, and body mind connection. Functional Medicine along with Chiropractic saved my life. When you are very sick and in pain you wonder how you are going to continue to function with no enjoyment in your life and constant discomfort.  When you are sick you scour the internet […]

My Story


Dr. Day, a Doctor of Chiropractic, exercise physiologist, nutrition specialist and wellness advocate. Learn how his life shaped him as a practitioner. Slipping through the Cracks: How Chiropractic and Nutrition can Help your Condition A little bit about myself, and how it shaped me as a practitioner. This is meant to encourage those who are going through a health trial […]

About Our Blog


The Day Wellness Center is a collective of chiropractic and acupuncture specialists who focus on pain relief, chronic fatigue and Chinese medicine in Long Beach and Seal Beach. I have worked in Long Beach, California as a holistic chiropractor for five years at the writing of this article. I’ve seen so many unique cases over the years, with very high […]