How To Get Car Accident Pain Relief

Dr. Day uses a variety of treatments to provide you car accident pain relief. He combines myofascial therapy, chiropractic, and exercise to get amazing results.

car crashMany patients I have seen delay getting care on their bodies because they think their symptoms will go away after a car accident on their own. Then they become concerned as they did not report some of their injuries immediately, as they cropped up later on after the “dust settled.”

The body was never designed to take on tons of force in impact to the muscles and joints of the body. When an impact happens, muscles splint to keep the spinal cord or vital nerves from being damaged.

Nerves have an amazing memory capacity.  After a car accident individuals can have pain for years because their bodies “remember” the trauma.  The sprain of the ligaments of the spine and the muscles and tendons can become permanent unless treated.

Myofascial therapy helps to “reboot” the muscle memory that was damaged in the accident.
Chiropractic helps the joints in the spine that become out of alignment from the trauma.

“Studies looking at whiplash injuries consistently identify the facet joints as the primary source of chronic whiplash injury pain (1)

That is what chiropractors treat!  My restoring motion and balance to the damaged joints of the spine, chiropractic has been shown to work to stimulate nerve receptors in the joint capsule that turn off pain signals.

Compensations of joint and muscle tightness and misalignment that are present after a motor vehicle accident:
– Headaches
– Shoulder pain
– Neck pain
– Jaw pain
– Dizziness

We have an amazing track record fixing those. If you’ve never had chiropractic, THIS ARTICLE will clear up what the adjustment is and does and it’s safety and efficacy.

We take many personal injury insurances, and accept liens on a case by case basis. Call today: 562-594-6800

1.) Bogduk N; On Cervical Zygapophysial Joint Pain After Whiplash; Spine; December 1, 2011; Volume 36, Number 25S, pp S194–S199.

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