What Is The Cause Of My Pain?

At one time we have all asked ourselves, “What is the cause of my pain?” Dr. Day has personally healed of chronic fatigue syndrome and neck pain and headaches and has used his journey to apply unique principles to a vast range of disorders.

Dr. Day gets to the root cause of your pain with Chiropractic and Functional Medicine.

We feel pain.  It may be in a limb or in our back and neck. Our brain begins to send our mental focus and attention there until we identify to that area as our problem zone.  I have been practicing for six years  and if there is one thing I would love to relay to patients, it is that pain can only be felt by a signaling message in the brain and spinal cord.

What you “feel” is the signal relaying it’s way back up through the pain pathways of your nerve to try and get you to stop using that area of your body so it can heal.

Therefore pain is a result and not the problem.

This is where movement science, chiropractic and functional medicine come in. By watching a patient move, by palpating their body, by taking a nutritional and lifestyle history we start to unravel the true causes of their pain. I have had patients completely get free of neck pain and arm tingling by reducing and managing their blood sugar and inflammation with diet and supplementation.

Dr. Day adjusting patientI have met others who eat a pristine diet, but have inhibited (or inactive) middle trapezius and serratus anterior muscles.  Without these muscles, their upper neck muscles always had to compensate, and they could never get free of neck tightness. We retrain the movement and activation of the those muscles and release the spinal segments associated and they are back to life and feeling amazing.

Another example is knee pain that is not from the knee at all.  On postural examination this patient has one pelvis that torsions to far forward. They can twist one way from their hips and not the other.  This means every time they walk, they are always over-rotating into that knee and ankle eventually causing knee pain.  We balance the pelvis and strengthen it and the knee pain goes away.

A last example is a patient reports with extreme fatigue and burnout and the inability to focus. They also have pain all over their body and are stiff throughout their spine.  We perform muscle release and chiropractic adjustments as well as acupuncture. The research shows that after every adjustment, stress hormones shift. As well their nervous system stops firing constant stressful signals to their brain. They start to feel refreshed and mentally clear.  We also test their adrenal and sex hormones with salivary testing.  With the results they get a regimen of natural supplements, diet changes, and circadian rhythm lifestyle instruction.  Over six weeks they feel the best they have in years.

Insert your issue into these stories and imagine a doctor who’s willing to go the distance with you, and you’ll find it at DayWellness. Go here to learn about insurance we accept and rates.

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