What is Causing my Headache: Part 3. A Functional Medicine Approach

What is Causing my Headache?  This multiple article series will help you figure out what has gone wrong within your body to create the presentation of a pain somewhere in the head.

Headaches are often linked to global imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, and immunity in the body.  Migraine sufferers especially have a greater chance of success when combining, nutrition and hands on therapies.

How nutrition and headaches relate can be summed up in the word…. Inflammation. Especially the inflammatory complex NF-kB.  This protein changes the way your DNA is coded and is in control of many other inflammation markers. Most of the causes I will list below, cause excess inflammation.

Many sufferers have sub clinical issues such as:

Intestinal Permeability

what-is-causing-my-headache-Intestinal-PermeabilityTo put it simply, in your intestines there are “tight junctions” that keep food particles within the digestive tract.  During periods of stress and trauma those tight junctions can open.  Certain protein structures can now pass into the blood stream where protective immune cells lie in wait.  Once this non-harmful protein becomes identified, every time we eat this food our bodies have an inflammatory immune reaction.

Summary:  For some of us, food leaks across our digestive tract, leading us to react to everyday foods.  Those with chronic headaches often have this condition.

Food Sensitivities & Allergies

what-is-causing-my-headache-processed-foodIntestinal permeability leads us to this. I assist patients often removing food allergies and sensitivities to get pain free.  Check out our Restoration Program and see some of the great success stories of headache sufferers getting their life back.


Neurotransmitter Imbalance

what-is-causing-my-headache-neurotransmitter-imbalanceVery common in chronic headache sufferers.  Neurotransmitters influence the “electricity” of our brain.  When one or more neurotransmitters are imbalanced we often suffer from both chronic pain, and headaches.  At Day Wellness we have numerous methods to get to the bottom of your neurotransmitter imbalance and can offer natural options in concert with your primary healthcare provider.

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