Chiropractic Made Simple

Chiropractic care involves aligning your body and speaking directly to the nervous system, balancing the signals and removing stress from it. To help you better understand below is a simple break down.

What gives us Life? …..Energy.

What is Energy?
Energy is what animates the inanimate. We are matter and atoms brought to life! We produce energy from food, and we transmit energy to our bodies through action potentials transmitting along our Nervous System.

Think of your spine as a circuit breakerWhat is the Nervous System?
The Brain, Spinal Cord and the millions of nerves that cover every square inch of your body.  Some nerves are designed to sense pain (nociceptors), some sense body position(proprioceptors). All of your “movement messages” are relayed to the brain and spinal cord and register there like a computer. (think of your spine as a circuit breaker)

What the nervous system registers….. is who you are.

If your brain and spinal cord registers an immobile joint, weakened muscle, or forward posture, then your body does not move with the co-ordination and synergy you were designed to. Your nervous system registers stress at all times from these imbalances, called nociception.

What Does The Nervous System Control?
Everything! As it is the way the nerve impulse energy travels in our body. It’s the information superhighway.

Where does it Exit?
The Spine, and interweaves every muscle, tendon and ligament of your body. Hence the reason Chiropractic, Massage and Holistic Rehab are so successful with helping people:

Get out of Pain
Have More Energy
Have More Immunity
Enhance Sport Performance

By REALIGNING YOUR BODY we are balancing the signals of nerve energy to flow and communicate from your brain to your body. This opens up the flood gates of the information super highway again, allowing YOU to function at your very BEST.

How does a Chiropractor Re-Align the Body?
At Day Wellness, we examine every joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle movement pattern in your body. Any deviation in movement is an imbalanced soft tissue structure, or nervous system signal.

Hands on “Adjustments” are gentle and specific movements to bring movement to an area where the nervous system needs “re-awakened.”

So Chiropractic is not about making Noise in your spine, moving bones, or just a quick fix for pain. Massage and Acupuncture are beyond just “relaxing.” We are RESTORING THE VITAL BALANCE OF ENERGY IN YOUR BODY, AND ENHANCING LIFE!  Because we live our life through the strength of our Nervous System.

What can Chiropractic Help With?
We have seen great success with Chronic and Acute pain from the head to toe.  Some common misconceptions are Chiropractic can’t treat old injuries, it cannot treat the extremity, and it is only beneficial when the pain is unbearable.

Our patients first get out of pain 95% of the time, the other 5% we refer to our a trusted referral source. As practitioners we have been where you are reading this article. Not sure if the natural approach is the right fit for you. But we promise to bring you a “Progressive Chiropractic Experience” One that differs from 98% of other chiropractors in the field.

Have a problem you would like to see if we could help with? Call us at 562-594-6800.

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