How To Use Chiropractic To Treat Surfing Pain

Dr. Day has worked with professional and amateur surfers for six years to give them longevity and optimal performance by using chiropractic to treat surfing pain.

I have treated many cases of surfers, paddlers, and watermen and women of all kinds over the years.

Shea Lopez happy client of Dr. DayI have been a treating Doctor of Chiropractic at the:
– U.S Open of surfing
– Lower’s Pro (Hurley Pro)
– Vans pier classic
– Kahakai outrigger races


By treating so many paddling injuries I have a unique perspective on getting water enthusiasts better from nagging injuries.

So many surfers become parking lot surfers because of pain and injury.  They wait too long to care for their body and they lose up to 20 years of vital water time by not caring for themselves. Treating the pros, they care for their bodies.  They see doctors like myself on a regular basis, and work on flexibility and dynamic strength out of the water.

Pain With Paddling a Surfboard (A Case Study):
This particular case presented with neck pain on the left after long sessions, and even occasional headaches. The surfer also noted a loss of regular foot backside rotation when approaching the lip. Upon examination, we noted a loss of range of motion in the muscles and joints in the left neck and shoulder.

The surfer presented with:
– A scapula that was “winging” (which means it was drifting outward and protruded from the thoracic cage slightly)

– The left shoulder appeared higher on postural examination

– Loss of range of extension in the upper back (thoracic) joints.  (This means that they slouch to often, and now the individual joints that make up the spine have loss the malleability to “spring back”  Now the surfer cannot “wind up” during their paddle and extend their shoulders off the board.)

– Loss of range of motion, stiffness and pain at the C1 joint of the neck, and large palpable knot in their upper neck in the sub occipital muscles.

– Loss of Range of motion of shoulder abduction.  (The ability to reach overhead).  This was from a tightness in their anterior deltoid and pectoral muscles.  Loss of joint range of motion in their shoulder capsule and from the scapula that was winging.  This is called scapular dyskinesia.

The surfer received soft tissue work to the tight muscles of the shoulder and chiropractic treatment to the spine and left shoulder. He was given exercises to re-establish a normal firing pattern to his shoulder blade and mobility exercises for his thoracic spine.

He was unable to attack the lip backside because this takes

1.) neck rotation ( he had lost it)
2.) Thoracic extension (loss of flexibility and joint alignment)
3.) The left arm needs to rotate back to help initiate the turn with the hips. With tight pecs and deltoid he could not rotate.

Dr Day with Kelly Slater

Dr Day with Kelly Slater

Eight treatments and two follow up treatments was all it took.  You may have a view of chiropractic but this is a progressive style of holistic care.

I think that you as a waterman or woman could find help with your injury.



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