How Cholesterol Affects Your Heart

Learn how cholesterol affects your heart and why it isn’t the dangerous culprit we have been led to believe.

pills and bottleDid You Know 75% of All Heart Attack Patients Have Normal to Low Cholesterol Levels?

Yes, you read that correctly. Recently, a 6-year long study involving 136,000 people came out with the conclusion that 75% of all heart attack patients had normal to low cholesterol levels. Currently cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) are the most popular drugs in the US, with profits exceeding the 10 billion dollar mark. Reading this study, you would think that this would help change the theory that cholesterol causes heart attacks and heart disease, and that maybe cholesterol isn’t the culprit we should all be worried about. WRONG! The doctor in charge of this study works for the  pharmaceutical industry, so instead of coming up with a reasonable conclusion, he suggests that the current guidelines may not be low enough. Just what we need, more drugs!

The Truth About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is hugely important for our body. It is vital for:

  • Hormone Production
  • Tissue Repair
  • Proper Neurological Function
  • Memory
  • Uptake of Hormones in the Brain
  • Immune Function
  • Vitamin D Synthesis
  • Healing and Repair
  • Digestion
  • Cancer and Aging Protection
  • Preventing Depression and Anxiety

These are just a few of the benefits of cholesterol. We need cholesterol for proper functioning. The thought that we are the only species on the planet who somehow cannot regulate their own cholesterol levels is head scratching. It is more of a ploy to increase cholesterol medication sales, which I remind you is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Why Are My Cholesterol Levels High?

Now it’s important to understand that cholesterol doesn’t just rise on its own. In addition, it is not bad genes that cause high cholesterol either. Stress causes our cholesterol levels to rise. Therefore, if we are trying to correct the cause of high cholesterol, we have to look at our lifestyle. Simply put, if we are giving the body what it needs and removing anything toxic, we will be healthy. The assumption that we should medicate the body with an artificial toxic chemical to lower our cholesterol levels without addressing the cause (our lifestyle) is ignorant at best.

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