Freedom from Chronic Neck Pain

Dr. Day, a local chiropractor in Long Beach, has worked with professional athletes and chronic pain patients for over six years.  His holistic chiropractic and functional medicine techniques, can help you be free from chronic neck pain.

I have treated many cases of neck pain that have been ongoing for years and even decades with great success. By addressing a diverse range of causes, at DayWellness we have been successful in helping individuals live a pain free life again. The amazing part of holistic care is not only watching the patient get out of pain, but also  witnessing them experience more energy and vitality, less sick days, and better sleep.

First and foremost, we treat neck pain by addressing the nervous system. All muscle and joint activity are dictated by “patterns” that are signaling from your brain and spinal cord out to nerve endings in your body.

Dr. Day examines patientWe address the health of the nervous system by analyzing

•    ranges of motion
•    strength and flexibility testing
•    palpation
•    global movement patterns
postural analysis

By first knowing what normal is in the human body and then watching the patient move, we can begin to do some detective work to find the origin of their neck pain. Movement is dictated by the nervous system.  If an area of the body is not moving in synergy and flow, we know that in that area there is some nervous system “confusion.” This is often called dys-afferentation.

With palpation, we will feel areas of “locking” or tension where the joint can no longer move and glide on the joint above or below it.  This local armoring of the body is an adaptation from a stressor.  This can be an adaptation to these stressors:

•    faulty breathing
•    forward head posture
•    traumatic scar tissue
•    mental/emotional stress
•    a weak adjacent area of the body

These are only several of the many causes I often find in patients. At first, it can be very difficult for them to grasp how global and interrelated their whole body is to their area of pain. They are of the thought pattern that where they feel the pain is the causative area.

A quick example.  
A patient reports with right sided neck pain that has been ongoing for three years. Upon examination we note that the scapula on the right side drifts out of alignment, causing the whole shoulder complex to roll forward. This is caused by poor nervous system engagement to the scapular stabilizers.

It is found the patient is not able to engage their diaphragm on the right side, causing them to use their upper neck muscle to breathe.  This constant overuse of the neck causes it to become tight to adapt to the imposed demand.  The muscles involved, the scalenes, are now so tight they cause joint stress and locking at C2-C6 on the right.  Now the patient has lost all nervous system functionality to the nerves involved in C2-C6.  They notice mental fog and fatigue quite frequently as a result.

When we address all of the causes above we begin to retrain the nervous system as a collective unit.  A holistic inter-communicating system.  With so many areas sending stressful and imbalanced signals to the brain, once removed, the patient noted the mental fog and fatigue were gone as well.

We do this with hands-on adjustments to the spine and release of the muscles with myofascial therapy. As well, we prescribe a series of movements and home exercises to retrain any faulty movement pattern. We also address nutrition, work posture, sleep, and stress reduction.

We have a tremendous success rate and I highly recommend you give DayWellness a try.

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