Run with Pain Free Knees

Discover how soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments are key to providing you knee pain relief.

Knee pain relies extremely on the function of the core, hip and foot.
Most of the problems arise from one of the three. So initially we do a Movement Screen to see how the body moves.  If a patient has pronation of the foot, or loss of dorsiflexion of the foot, or numerous other functional imbalances: we know the knee pain will never get better without fixing these first.  If the patient has inhibited hip muscles, a tight it band, or femoral anteversion, again we must address these conditions along with addressing the knee.

Dr. Day with patientSoft tissue work is crucial to knee pain relief.
Probably the most useful tool in treating knee pain. Soft tissue work treats scar tissue and fibrous adhesion which account for many cases of knee pain.  I have kept quite a few patients from more invasive knee procedures such as cortisone injections or surgery by balancing the soft tissue. Some great soft tissue techniques are Active Release Technique, Trigenics, Muscle Activation Technique, Myofascial Release Technique, Graston Technique or Tool assisted soft tissue mobilization.

I am certified in several, and have trained with several “gurus” who have no name to their special treatment techniques, but are known the country over for treating the top pros in sports ranging from cycling to surfing. By mixing and melding these techniques, patients get

-muscle activation

-scar tissue release

-neurologic inhibition of tight muscles

Treatment systems that only focus on one aspect are always limited as they only address one component of the musculoskeletal system.  Schedule a myofascial release consult!

Kinesiotaping done properly is also important. I see some hilarious taping renditions at local marathons! Make sure you get taped by a specialist that really knows anatomy.

Chiropractic adjustments to the hip, pelvis,  foot and knee are also very crucial to treating knee pain. Without proper joint translation of the entire motor chain then soft tissue will be damaged from lack of full range of motion.  Joint mobility also effects muscle sequencing.  So when joints are immobile, muscles often cannot fire and engage.

Finally, don’t put knee pain off. That does lead to more drastic measures, always….

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