Don’t Let Osteoarthritis Wear You Down To The Bone

The Unnatural Aging Process

When you hear the terms “little old lady,” or “little old man,” what image comes to your mind? I know I think of a hunched over, shuffling, “handi-capable” elderly person, whose strength, as well as, size has slowly diminished over decades. What if I told you this was not the “natural aging process,” and that there are ways to prevent, slow the progression of, and even REVERSE these changes?! What if there was a way to keep your body physically strong, active, and vital during your first 100 years young?!

What is Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)

osteoarthritis of the knee imgOver time our soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can lose elasticity and become hardened with scar tissue between the fibrous layers. This greatly limits our bones’ ability to move freely and leads to excess wear and tear of the joint surfaces, or osteoarthritis. Many people believe arthritis is from aging alone, or a strong genetic predisposition. The reality of it is that degenerative joint diseases more commonly result from usage than anything other factor.

Your joints’ cartilaginous surfaces can be compared to the tires on your car. Your bones fit together like puzzle pieces, with cartilage covering the surfaces and acting as a slippery surface to glide upon. Your tires make contact with the road, allowing your vehicle to travel at high speeds while creating traction with the road surfaces and absorbing the shock of traveling over uneven surfaces. Yes, all car tires wear down over time. However, the amount and type of driving you do will more greatly affect the time it takes for your tire tread to wear down.

osteoarthritis imgTake into consideration two brand new vehicles purchased by different types of drivers. Imagine the difference between a 10 mile a day, roundtrip commute, 5 days a week, versus a 50 mile commute, 5 days a week. The annual mileage coming to 2,600 miles a year, and 13,000, respectively. Surely, the 13,000 mile a year driver will see the degeneration of his tire tread much earlier than the 2,600 mile driver. Does it really matter if both cars are the same make, model, and year? Now, if your tires become misaligned, what will happen? Misalignments cause our tires to wear down sooner and unevenly, leading to unnecessary wear that shortens the life of the tire.

How Can I Correct My Body’s Misalignment and Prevent Osteoarthritis?

Chiropractic detects joint misalignments BEFORE the joint wears out!! Chiropractic adjustments gently stretch the spinal ligaments that have lost elasticity. This realigns the joint surfaces and allows for more fluid motion of the spine and skeleton, thereby reducing the effects of wear and tear on the body, and SLOWING the progression of already osteoarthritic joints. Movement is the key to staying limber and mobile in older age. It is never too late to start taking back what was once yours! Let Chiropractic help you on your journey and regain mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and balance.

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