Chiropractic for my Kid?

The key to knowing if your child is a good fit for pediatric chiropractic care is to first know what it is.  Chiropractic analyzes the “tone” of the nervous system by palpating the spine and muscles that attach to it.

With trained palpation, the chiropractor is an expert at whether any part of the body is “moving” and malleable to the degree it should.  If the tone of the nervous system is excessive it is very easily palpated. Often, after a birth trauma, a fall, a car accident excessive tone is palpated and noted on a chiropractic pediatric exam.

“What could a chiropractor possibly do for a child?”
“Don’t they just treat back and neck pain?”
“I don’t want a chiropractor cracking my child’s spine!” 

I get the reservation you may have about chiropractic, but also know if you’re reading this you are searching for answers. I’ll have to admit, graduating from chiropractic school I really didn’t understand chiropractic for kids either.

Until my infant child was suffering.

Kai was born a healthy baby boy, but was he fussy!  We read everything we could on his colic like symptoms, but his presentation seemed like something more. I knew something was wrong when Kai cried for 2 hours straight when we were stuck in a traffic jam.  He would sweat excessively and was inconsolable, sometimes reaching his hand to his head. A series of gentle chiropractic adjustments turned him into a different boy almost overnight.  As I adjusted him the first time with gentle pressure at this C1 I remembered how much twisting his neck had undergone to get his large frame out of the birth canal. Now knowing more pediatric symptoms, he often suffered from infantile headaches, from the torsion force at birth.

I knew then I had to expand my knowledge of pediatric and began certification in pediatric care by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association or I.C.P.A. What a great experience.  I now see expecting mothers through full term, and then their children and themselves for chiropractic care after. It is beyond rewarding, it’s also really fun.  Having two boys of my own, I love to be of assistance to the health of a whole family.

happy boy jumpingWhat I have seen in these little patients has been beyond amazing.  By stimulating small movements in the spine with the lightest touch, we are stimulating the nervous system associated with the spinal level we treat to fire correctly.  This is thought to balance the sympathetic to parasympathetic response and communication to the body. Sympathetic dominance can cause excessive tone in areas where communication is disrupted, and that is what we often feel in the infant.

These can present most of the time from some trauma during a birthing process or from a fall.  That is when pediatric chiropractic does great work.

Chiropractic is not always the answer for your child’s needs, but with my holistic approach, often we can direct the parent to the right professional or lifestyle change. With as light and gentle as the treatment is, there is only health to gain with a trial of treatment.

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