Why Should I See A Chiropractor For Headache Relief?

Yes, you can see a chiropractor for headache relief.  A corrective care chiropractor is the only doctor on the planet who can address the specific cause of most headaches, helping the body return to optimal functioning.

 What exactly are headaches?

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  • 97% of all headaches come from the neck. The brain stem extends down to the top of the neck, where it becomes the spinal cord. Any pressure on these surrounding structures can negatively affect the involuntary functions controlled in this area, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, immune function and digestion. If this area is put under stress, it massively decreases your life function.
  • The body is extremely intelligent. If we see a straightened or reversed curve on an x-ray, that tells us there is stress negatively affecting the brain stem and spinal cord. (See the effects of poor upper body posture) You can imagine how this abnormal stress in the neck can decrease the flow of information that is needed to carry out the daily autonomic or involuntary tasks described above. If this type of stress occurs, do you think our intelligent body will let us know there is a problem? Of course! If the spinal cord is being pinched off and torqued. Do you think your body will let you know by giving you pain? YES, that is exactly why we get headaches.

Why Does Conventional Headache Treatment Fail?

  • Many “health care professionals” don’t check the neck during a check-up for headaches. These doctors don’t get it. They aren’t looking for the source of the problem, which 97% of the time is in the neck.  They don’t utilize their skill set by taking an x-ray of the neck, diagnosing pressure on the nervous system by a loss of curve.  On top of that, they don’t have the skills to correct it.
  • How do most people treat headaches today? Tylenol or Ibuprofen. According to the CDC, Tylenol is the deadliest drug in America. But remember, we aren’t getting headaches due to a Tylenol deficiency, so why do we take it with all those toxic side effects? We need to start respecting the body and find the source of the problem, instead of just taking a drug. Medicating symptoms will only numb the problem as it gets worse.

Consequences of Chronic Headaches

  • Pain activates your fight or flight response, the same response you get when you are getting chased by a tiger. Your heart rate and blood pressure rises. Your liver starts breaking down glycogen into glucose for the increased energy need, thereby elevating your blood sugar, which over time can lead to diabetes. Your digestion gets shut down, and perhaps most importantly, you develop a weakened immune system. Taking a toxic substance like an aspirin or Tylenol on top of that leads to a deadly combination! We are missing the main cause.

Case Study:
A patient who received corrective chiropractic care got instant relief from their terrible, chronic headaches. We treated the patient, adjusted the facial bones which were distorted, and within the first day, the headache symptoms were reduced. Within 3 weeks, they ceased completely, and within a few months, the cause of her headaches was completely fixed.

5 Solutions To Correct Headaches

  1. Find the Cause – Get an x-ray of the neck to see if there is any pressure being placed on the brain stem, spinal cord, and the spinal nerves.
  2. Get Adjusted – See a corrective care chiropractor to correct the neck curve, thereby restoring proper nerve supply to the sinus’s and brain. (Learn more about what chiropractic is here)
  3. Sleep – Sleep deprivation can cause headaches.
  4. Spices – Spicy food like cayenne pepper decreases Substance P, a neurotransmitter that sends pain signals.
  5. Drink Water – If the discs are dehydrated, they lose their normal height, putting pressure on the nerves supplying your brain.

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