Find A Solution To Your Low Back Pain

Find out why low back pain starts in the first place and the logical solution to fixing the problem

What is the cause of my low back pain?

Low back pain, a very general term, can have many different causes. The only way to determine the cause is to take an xray of the low back and perform a full in-depth examination. This gives doctors, such as myself, a starting point. Often times, we see degeneration, which is almost always the result of a previous trauma that wasn’t taken care of properly. Other times, we see an abnormal curve and poor posture putting unequal pressure on the discs and nerves; the sciatic nerve being one of them.

Low back pain imageWhat kind of trauma can cause this pain?

There is often an initial trauma that is the source of the back pain you are experiencing, such as whip lash from a car accident. The most common type of trauma, however, is sitting. We simply were not designed to sit, which increases the pressure in the discs 5x the normal amount. The trauma causes your spine to go out of alignment. If left un-resolved for a few years without seeing a corrective care chiropractor, degeneration often results because the pressure on the discs isn’t uniform anymore. Nerve pressure producing pain is the end result.

Common misconceptions

I can’t tell you how many people have come into my office saying, “Oh, I just slept wrong” or “I just turned wrong.” I have news for you. We are not that delicate. You should be able to lift something, get up, and turn at the same time without injury. Likewise, we should be able to withstand one night of ‘sleeping wrong’ without getting debilitating pain. There may have been an initial trauma some years back, throwing the back out of alignment. A few years later, the resulting degeneration caused the pain to start, giving that person a false belief that sleeping “wrong” produced the pain.

Will I need surgery?

Many medical doctors and orthopedists will recommend surgery. We look at the body as an intelligent design with the most amazing physiology to adapt to almost anything. The doctors who have integrity will first recommend a course of conservative care before opting for a more invasive treatment with more serious and permanent consequences like surgery. In fact, there are now so many failed back surgeries that they now have a diagnosis called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, which is an actual billing code. Surgery fails so much because the cause of the original damage was never addressed.


Find a local corrective care chiropractor who takes pre and post xrays. They will work with the body to fix the misaligned areas putting pressure on your nerves that are causing the pain. Pain relief is the easy part, but fixing the problem that caused the pain in the first place is what takes some time. Soon, your body and the discs will repair and regenerate, the alignment will improve, and you will be on your way to optimal health!

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