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Day Wellness Long Beach & Seal Beach Testimonials

Come visit Day Wellness and see why our clients love us. We provide extraordinary chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy & holistic health services to Long Beach & Seal Beach. Our collective of holistic healers will work with you to diagnose and treat your problems not just your symptoms.

Shea L. (pro surfing legend)

Shea L. surfingWhen I first received treatment from Dr Day I was unable to surf due to surf related injuries to the neck, shoulder, and back. After one visit I was able to get back in the water to not only enjoy surfing again but also perform my job pain free. Repeat visits keep me in tune, much like my car, so that I never regress to a such a high level of discomfort again. Thanks Dr Day!

Cheryl, Long Beach

I am a big fan of Advanced Wellness, and Dr. Michael Day is an amazing healer. He has relieved shoulder pain I have experienced for years, that no other chiropractor or doctor could heal. His techniques go beyond the obvious and into cell level memory – clearing out years of holding patterns, making way for healing and health, now. He has the gift of healing, is inspirational, and has great energy. My family has also been seeing him, and he has relieved them of pain that has lasted years. One person was told there was no hope and they needed knee replacement surgery. After seeing Michael and following his simple recommendations, she is now pain free – no surgery needed! I can’t say enough good things about him. He is on the cutting edge of healing. Give yourself the gift, and see Michael

Chrys, Huntington Beach

Dr Michael Day has got the magic touch. I started seeing him in 2009 when my body was in much need of repair from 20 years of court reporting. My back, shoulders, and neck were the first order of business. We spent months getting my alignment corrected and stable. His chiropractic approach is much more than the norm He really takes the time to listen to what you tell him and then gently manipulate your body so that it absorbs the healing process. There are no loud cracks or crazy movements of your spine that can be alarming and painful. That is not his style at all. After we got my body feeling better, we moved to some blood work and nutrition. I have had three blood tests done over the past 18 months. Each time we added supplements and protocols to correct what is going on inside my body while we continued the chiro maintenance on the outside. It has been over 3 years since we started this healing process, and I feel good every day now. From my energy, sleeping habits, eating habits, exercise, and mostly my state of mind, Dr Day has put it all together in one nice package. It takes work every day on my behalf, but with his support and kindness, it makes it less difficult and actually very interesting. I love the holistic approach that he takes. You can tell he is talking to you personally and not just saying the same thing to everyone he sees. He always knows who I am and what my issues are. He is not just reading a chart and then treating you, but he takes his time and is careful to make sure you get better. I feel he has a vested interest in making people get better and feel better. I would highly recommend Dr Day.

Nancy, Long Beach

WE DID IT! and had a blast. Here is some proof. Thanks so much for asking and all your great treatment and encouragement.

Nancy, Long Beach

Nancy in Long BeachHere’s some pictures from the Half IM race. Finishing the race was great but meeting my goal time was a fantastic feeling (and being in the top 10 in my age group was just icing on the cake)! I couldn’t have done it without your treatments enabling me to train to my fullest potential over the last 6 months! Thank you for your great care and timely arrival to Long Beach!


Thanks to Dr. Michael Day for helping me through natural methods. I had the measles and nearly lost all my hair! Through immune boosting vitamins and other natural methods, the problem was quickly reversed and my hair once again quite thick.

Rosanne, Long Beach

Rosanne Nicassio yoga instructorFrom Rosanne Nicassio, certified yoga instructor:

I have been going to chiropractors all my life. Dr. Michael Day’s treatments are different from any chiropractor I have ever been treated by. He fully understands the mind-body connection, and truly listens to what his patients tell him.

Dr. Day is a gifted healer. He is intuitive, intelligent, knowledgeable, and kind. His work in non-invasive. Because Dr. Day practices yoga, he understands how yogis use their bodies. As a yoga instructor, I can sometimes overwork my body and/or not pay close attention to my own body because I am assisting my students. With my various sprains, strains, old injuries and general fatigue, Dr. Day is able to make the appropriate adjustments I need simply, quickly, and easily.

Whether one is a yogi, an athlete, or just someone who overuses his or her body, I wholly recommend Dr. Michael Day. Once you experience his style of healing, you will appreciate the uniqueness of his chiropractic approach.

I certainly do, every time I am treated by him.

Janet, Long Beach

When I first came to Dr. Day, I was a physical wreck. My adrenal system was exhausted from years of stressful profession. I was overweight. I hadn’t had a sound night’s sleep in months. And chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and back from ancient accidents was my new normal. Now, after routine chiropractic care, a program of nutritional supplements to help repair my adrenal system, and a complet change of my dietary habits from a base of process fast food to a base of fresh fruits and vegetables, I have experienced a profound improvement in my health. I sleep soundly at night. I’ve lost 20 lbs. My mobility has improved and my pain has lessened. I enjoy a renewed vitality and enthusiasm for positive lifestyle changes. All thanks to the innovative care of Dr. Day.

Carole, Long Beach

You are a miracle worker!


I had suddenly developed severe reactions to foods I had been eating all my life. In the span of a year, I had to be rushed to Urgent Care or the emergency room 5 times with anaphylactic reactions (facial swelling, hives, itching and asthma attack). I went to allergy doctors and got skin tested, but they were unable to pinpoint the problem; instead, they prescribed me an epi-pen to handle the next reaction. Regardless how well I watched my diet, there always seemed to be some new variable that kept me from being able to identify the culprit.

While seeking treatment for my back, I mentioned the situation to Dr. Day. He told me about a blood test that could help me identify food allergies. Frustrated and desperate, I took the test. The results came back identifying several foods I ate all the time, including peanuts, wheat and soy. I cut the identified foods out of my diet right away.

It’s not always easy to avoid the foods I’m allergic to, but it’s been very helpful to know the items my body can’t tolerate. I haven’t had to seek emergency treatment for food allergies for over a year and a half, and am very grateful that Dr. Day was able to help me.

Jen, Orange County

I have been going to Advanced Wellness now for about 5 years and since seeing Dr. Mark deDubovay I went from being sick to the point of needing antibiotics very few months to never being ill.

In 2007, I tore muscles in my lower back and hamstring. Definitely the worst injury I have ever had. I couldn’t sit. I wasn’t sleeping. I lived with constant pain and muscle spasms. My life felt like it was on hold.

Dr. Mark suggested I see Dr. Michael Day when what our progress in healing seemed to be going very, very slow. After one session with Dr. Day, I actually slept through the night.

Every time I saw Dr. Day there were drastic improvements in my range of motion and pain. Initially those visits were far apart since I couldn’t sit to drive myself. Each time I saw him we added additional things for me to do to help the healing process. He suggested books and tools for helping manage the pain and to keep me from getting discouraged.

Now, I’m back to yoga, hiking, riding my horses and am starting to run a little again. I can’t recommend Dr. Michael Day enough and Advanced Wellness in general. If you have an injury or are just tired of being tired or sick all the time you owe it to yourself to make an appointment. What are you waiting for?

John, Huntington Beach

I injured my back and literally couldn’t bend down to put my socks on. I saw Dr. Michael Day and his in depth knowledge and thorough understanding of how the body works enabled him to give me excellent treatment, and even explain to me in layman’s terms what was going on. This extra time he spent to educate me helped me take better care of myself and recover quickly. Thanks to Dr. Michael Day for getting me back in the ocean to do what I love.

Deb, Long Beach

I love my Chiropractor!!!

Cora, Long Beach

I love the Advance Wellness Center, and especially Dr. Michael Day. He is a chiropractor but also a wellness advocate. He is not just about cracking you letting you go on your way. He uses many technique to keep you healthy and active. Having been going to a Chiropractor for over 15 years, I must say that the world of chiropractic is changing for the better and Michael Day is leading the way.

George, Long Beach

I love the work Dr. Michael Day did to help me with a neck issue earlier this year. Not only did I feel better right away but here’s what really set him apart from other chiropractors I’ve used
he spent time explaining to me what caused the issue – in detail
he gave me specific exercises to help minimize reoccurrence
– he EMAILED me afterwards instructions to reinforce the verbal instructions

That was six months ago and I continue to do the exercises not only because they work and have kept me pain-free, but also because of his taking the time to follow through. Nice job!

What a difference a Day makes :-)

Roger, Huntington Harbor

Michael Day recently began treating me for chronic deep muscle pain that is the result of a serious injury. His deep tissue work and physical therapy have brought me significant relief and is allowing me to resume active life again. I am not afraid to move anymore.

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