Dr. Day

Dr. Day professional portraitDr. Michael Day is a holistic chiropractor in Greenville, SC

His holistic approach blends Chiropractic, Soft tissue therapy, nutrition and lifestyle medicine to help with pain relief and weight loss.

Day Wellness has closed as he has moved his family to the east coast, and has opened Mountain Movement Center. 

He has worked countless professional sporting events as the treating chiropractor.  

He does not consider himself a sports chiropractor, but believes everyone deserves there best health.  By applying sports based approaches with nutrition, many finally find health.

His practice is filled with many patients who have tried everything else and finally find help at Day Wellness.

He has built a busy chiropractic practice in Greenville, SC, by applying natural principles to every case he sees. He believes when the the body is in alignment physically, nutritionally, hormonally, mentally and spiritually: vital health can be achieved.

He studied under some of the top sports and wellness doctors in the country and now brings those specialties into the room with every patient he works with.  He has worked with commonly with

  • Amateur Marathon Runners
  • Sole Runners Marathon Team
  • Triathletes
  • Pro Surfers
  • Pro Golfers
  • High school athletes of all disciplines
  • Pro SUP riders
  • Kahakai Outrigger team

Some common conditions Dr. Day treats often:

  •  Neck pain and Headaches
  •  Nerve Pain
  •  Fatigue and Chronic Pain
  •  Low Back and Pelvic Pain
  •  Running Injuries
  •  Shoulder Impingement and Frozen shoulder
  •  Pregnancy and Pediatric
  •  Functional Nutrition and Supplementation to help with Chronic Issues.


Never having experienced natural medicine until he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as dealing with debilitating neck pain, he finally sought a chiropractor as a last resort after years of medical intervention. The relief he felt inspired him to change career paths and continue searching for answers for his health.

Now cured of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and neck pain and raising a young family, he believes one of his purposes in life is helping as many people as possible realize their potential for vital health, including the next generation.

Seeing the benefits of regular chiropractic care and holistic living in his children, wife, patients and himself.  He realizes the public needs a new view on the possibilities for their health, and what a vital role chiropractic and good food and lifestyle choices play into that.

He also realizes not everyone sees chiropractic as a foundational part of their overall healthcare, and are either confused as to what chiropractors do or are skeptical of their usefulness. His main mission is to make every patient a satisfied patient.  With a pain free balanced body, how could you not be?


He is not a “sports” doctor as he sees as many families, children and maternity cases.  But athletes refer to him because of his holistic approach, and because he is an athlete himself.

He also loves to teach, and is often found hosting

  • food workshops,
  • corporate health talks,
  • faith based health talk

and is in the process of developing an online system for reaching the masses with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and all the related illnesses.

“I can’t say enough for chiropractic! I challenge you to question your paradigm of what you ‘think’ it is and give it a try….it feels amazing!  I have had almost every injury in the book with all my sports injuries, and it keeps me surfing and playing at my highest level.  We have a tremendous success rate at Day Wellness Center, it’s time to get rid of that pain and feel good again!” – Sincerely, Dr. Day