Restoration Plan

Next Restoration Event:

April 5th, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
Day Wellness Center | 6615 E. Pacific, Ste. 105 Coast Hwy., Long Beach, CA 90803
Cost: $85
(Sign up a friend, and get the program for $80each. 3 friends-$75 each)


This all started with me…..

I had tried so many food plans and still had ongoing health issues since my diagnosis with Chronic Fatigue. When I told myself I could eat an abundance of foods, and just switched the quality, an amazing thing happened. All of cravings were gone and I healed drastically in four weeks.

Since then approximately 100 patients have completed the program. The resounding thing they comment after the first week

“This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, I’m not hungry, I’m having fun, and the food is delicious.”

What I’ve found throughout the development of this program is weight loss and healing can be simplified, but are not simple by any means. The reason we see so many individuals unable to lose weight and/or restore health is that the chips are stacked against them in a myriad of ways. Modern toxicity in our environment, chronic stress, and poor food quality put our bodies in such burden that we find ourselves in very non-optimal states of being.

“To go to a new place in your life you have to do the work”

The class includes

  • A walkthrough Whole Foods
  • Three classroom learning sessions at Day Wellness.
  • A Restoration E-Book
  • A Restoration E-Recipe Guide
  • Email Correspondence with the doctor.
  • Group support from fellow Restoration attendees.
  • Discounted visits during your Program at Day Wellness.
  • A potluck with your Restoration teammates!

We cater to your ability and I guarantee their have been participants more apprehensive to do it, than you are right now reading this.

We have seen healing of migraine headaches, bowel disorders, rejuvenated energy, improved sleep, and weight loss of as much as 30 pounds. Many only lose a moderate amount but carry on the program and change their bodies forever.

To give a summary of the program each participant is guided in how to eliminate sugar, processed food, and grains that we regularly eat such as wheat. You will be provided with over 100 recipes to make the change easy and fun.

Cost: $85 (Sign up a friend, and get the program for $80 each. 3 friends-$75 each)
Nutritional Support: ClearVite Protein (gut healing, antioxidant, fiber, and probiotic) $60

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