Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine (Part 1)

Dr. Michael Day D.C. helps Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia sufferers in Long Beach, CA with a combined approach of chiropractic and functional nutrition and supplementation.

Healing from chronic fatigue syndrome disorder takes work, time, and focus as well as a practitioner who understands the problem in depth.

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeChronic Fatigue is serious business and for many is a lifelong illness. Many lose hope because their doctors have told them there is nothing they can do but to live with it. Many sufferers end up taking depression medication, Lyrica, Prednisone, Ambien, anti-inflammatories, Ativan and many other drugs to mask the misery. However, these do not get to the root of the problem.

Maybe you don’t have Chronic Fatigue, but you may be tired all the time from a stressful situations in your life. We can help with that too!

There is hope.

I lost hope for many years, as a pre medical student, if I could not find help from my mentors in the medical field then I concluded the pain and fatigue must be incurable. Luckily I didn’t give up hope.

The top Functional Medicine tests to help alleviate chronic fatigue:

There are tests that are commonplace in research studies but uncommon in mainstream medicine. This approach has been coined functional medicine.  Instead of looking for one pin-point problem to address with one pharmaceutical, we are looking at the systems of the body working in synergy.

1) The adrenal salivary index test (ASI)

This test checks the primary hormones that manage the stress your body experiences.  Most importantly, it checks your Cortisol to DHEA ratio. Some other important markers the test covers are: OH-Progesterone, Secretory IgA (Sig A), and male and female hormones.

This test has been transformative for many of my patients with fatigue, burnout, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.  I have personally taken the test 4 times to monitor my improvement over the years.  I started at stage 7 (the worst stage) called adrenal exhaustion and am now at stage 2.

2) Comprehensive Digestive and Stool Analysis (CDSA) with parisitology

This test will analyze all components of digestion: The enzymes that help you digest food, the presence of foreign invaders, fat content, and probiotic colonization.

With this test we can get an accurate read on chronic infections, presence of beneficial bacteria, and your ability to digest and assimilate the food you eat.

3) Comprehensive Blood work

Beyond the  blood work you get at most annual checkups.  Your blood work will need to look at C-reactive protein, hemoglobin A1c, homocysteine, Vitamin D, Liver Enzymes, Immune Markers, Thyroid markers, Minerals, and a CBC.

These tests give us a more expanded view of what could be causing your fatigue and pain.

Treating Chronic Fatigue With Functional  Medicine

Treating Cronic FatigueThe biggest mistake fatigue sufferers go through is they are unable to stick with a plan or are desperately searching for a “magic pill” or solution. It’s understandable. You have already suffered for so long that you are ready to be free. The solution is in the details, and detailed work will be needed to get you feeling better.  This takes time and patience, which is something that very few sufferers have.

The reason chronic fatigue is so malicious is there are multiple causes assaulting your nervous system and immune system and it will take professional help to heal.

Do you have chronic fatigue and want to become a patient of Dr. Day?  Call the office and get a quote for his special chronic fatigue treatment system.  It is a prerequisite that each patient have the above tests done in order for the most optimal results.

See Part Two: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine (Part 2): 

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