Myofascial Release

Day Wellness Center provides Myofascial Release treatment for athletes of all skill levels.

Myofascial Release balancing can often be the tipping point in a tough injury. When we balance the muscle, tendon, and ligament structures of your body, your spinal and nervous system alignment will “hold” longer. These techniques are the “go to” for any professional or novice athlete.

Massage: All the techniques below employed in 30 or 60 minute sessions by highly skilled massage veterans/gurus.

M.R.T.—Myofascial Release Technique:

M.R.T. (Myofascial Release Technique): Designed to remove old scar tissue, the muscle is taken through it’s full range of movement while a practitioner holds light pressure to teach it how to move properly again.

Trigenics: Designed to use the natural reflexes of the muscles to work for you. Trigenics is a trademarked technique designed to instantly strengthen weak muscles.

Percussion: Using a percussive instrument trigger points or “knots” can instantly melt away.

T.A.S.T.M. (Tools Assisted Myofascial Release Mobilization): Scar tissue can often be very stubborn

P.N.F. (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Re-education): Your brain can often up-regulate the wrong signals to a muscle. This means, even if you stretch a tight muscle regularly it might not lengthen. PNF does an amazing job at talking to the nervous system and letting go of old chronic muscle patterns.