5 Solutions for Reducing High Cholesterol

Last week we discussed the various benefits of cholesterol and the ways it affects your well being.  You know now that our bodies need cholesterol for proper functioning.

Below are 5 solutions you can incorporate into your daily life that will help to reduce high cholesterol.

1. Proper Nerve Supply – A lack of movement and proper alignment of our spine is a stressor to the body, contributing to a rise in cholesterol levels. Specific chiropractic adjustments restore motion and alignment to the spine, taking pressure off the nerves and increasing the health of our cells and organs.

2. Diet – High in vegetables, high quality fats, moderate amounts of high quality meat and fruit, no processed and refined carbohydrates

3. Exercise – High intensity interval training

4. Sleep – Allowing the body to heal and regenerate

5. Manage Stress – Deep breathing, yoga, acupuncture, and tai chi are a few good methods


Why Are My Cholesterol Levels High?

Now it’s important to understand that cholesterol doesn’t just rise on its own. In addition, it is not bad genes that cause high cholesterol either. Stress causes our cholesterol levels to rise. Therefore, if we are trying to correct the cause of high cholesterol, we have to look at our lifestyle. Simply put, if we are giving the body what it needs and removing anything toxic, we will be healthy. The assumption that we should medicate the body with an artificial toxic chemical to lower our cholesterol levels without addressing the cause (our lifestyle) is ignorant at best.

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