What’s Causing My Headache?: Part 5. TMJ Headache Relief


Many patients that seek headache and migraine relief do not realize they suffer from Temperomandibular joint aka TMJ headaches. We receive many referrals from Long Beach dentists for collaborative work with TMJ and TMD. Didn’t your parents always tell you to chew your food? The TMJ is a vital part of living as it helps us chew our food and […]

What’s Causing My Headache?: Part 4 – Posture A Headache Cure


At Day Wellness we come across numerous cases where people are looking for a headache cure.  We often find bad posture and headaches go hand in hand, eventually leading to migraines. Let us take a holistic approach to get to the cause of your headaches and get you relief. Modern Day Posture A lot has gone into you being able […]

What is Causing my Headache: Part 3. A Functional Medicine Approach


What is Causing my Headache?  This multiple article series will help you figure out what has gone wrong within your body to create the presentation of a pain somewhere in the head. Headaches are often linked to global imbalances in hormones, neurotransmitters, and immunity in the body.  Migraine sufferers especially have a greater chance of success when combining, nutrition and […]

Freedom from Chronic Neck Pain

Dr. Day examines patient

Dr. Day, a local chiropractor in Long Beach, has worked with professional athletes and chronic pain patients for over six years.  His holistic chiropractic and functional medicine techniques, can help you be free from chronic neck pain. I have treated many cases of neck pain that have been ongoing for years and even decades with great success. By addressing a […]

Herbs and Acupuncture to Cure Sinus Infection

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How I used herbs and acupuncture to cure my sinus infection I know firsthand through the results I’ve experienced and been able to share with my patients, acupuncture and herbs work.  Sinus infections and allergies are a couple of my favorite things to treat. My personal experience with using acupuncture and traditional Chinese formulas to treat my long-term sinus infections […]

Why Should I See A Chiropractor For Headache Relief?


Yes, you can see a chiropractor for headache relief.  A corrective care chiropractor is the only doctor on the planet who can address the specific cause of most headaches, helping the body return to optimal functioning.  What exactly are headaches? 97% of all headaches come from the neck. The brain stem extends down to the top of the neck, where […]