Young Athlete Nutrition Guide; It’s What’s Makes Champions!


Young athlete nutrition is often overlooked by student athletes and their parents. With the proper nutrition your body will preform better and heal faster. It’s GAME DAY! What should your growing, developing athlete be eating? Before a practice? After a game? After an injury? To put it simply, your body requires the right kind of energy to be STRONG and […]

Pediatric Chiropractic Is Important For Children Too

ICPA 4 Kids

Dr. Michael Day discusses pediatric chiropractic care as a wellness option for parents and their growing children. Why should you get chiropractic for your child? Their spine is not yet formed, what good can it do?  My doctor doesn’t believe it will help. Is it safe? These are many of the questions and concerns parents have when considering pediatric chiropractic. […]

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The Day Wellness Center is a collective of chiropractic and acupuncture specialists who focus on pain relief, chronic fatigue and Chinese medicine in Long Beach and Seal Beach. I have worked in Long Beach, California as a holistic chiropractor for five years at the writing of this article. I’ve seen so many unique cases over the years, with very high […]