Pediatric Chiropractic Is Important For Children Too

ICPA 4 Kids

Dr. Michael Day discusses pediatric chiropractic care as a wellness option for parents and their growing children. Why should you get chiropractic for your child? Their spine is not yet formed, what good can it do?  My doctor doesn’t believe it will help. Is it safe? These are many of the questions and concerns parents have when considering pediatric chiropractic. […]

Chiropractic for my Kid?

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The key to knowing if your child is a good fit for pediatric chiropractic care is to first know what it is.  Chiropractic analyzes the “tone” of the nervous system by palpating the spine and muscles that attach to it. With trained palpation, the chiropractor is an expert at whether any part of the body is “moving” and malleable to […]