10 Health Benefits of Walking 10 Minutes Daily


Health Benefits of Walking We all know exercise is good for us, but getting up and out the door is sometimes the biggest challenge.  Its time to get motivated, set some goals and get out the door! Below are 10 health benefits of walking for 10 minutes each day. 1) Improve Your Circulation Walking improves circulation, especially of the lower […]

Acupuncture For The Flu and Other Sicknesses


My patients are always worried about getting others sick. At Day Wellness, we appreciate the concern, but you might not be contagious. When that’s the case, it’s better to come in for treatment. Acupuncture for the flu boosts your immune system and helps you get better faster. If you’re worried about getting other people sick when you’re sick, you’re not […]

Acupuncture Helps Relieve Stress


43% of All Adults Suffer From Negative Effects of Stress and Symptoms Associated With Stress Stress blocks Qi. Acupuncture moves Qi. It’s a simple formula. What is Qi? How does stress block your Qi? How does acupuncture help? Here are some reasons that you and most everyone you know can benefit from acupuncture treatment. What is Qi? Qi is energy. […]

Fall Health Tricks and Tips to Transition into Autumn


Manage your health with these fall health tricks and tips to change with the seasons The fall is particularly hard on your body. Using these fall health tricks and tips can help you minimize the stress on your body and keep you healthy as you move into winter. During the fall your immune system is struggling to flow from the […]

How Cholesterol Affects Your Heart

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Learn how cholesterol affects your heart and why it isn’t the dangerous culprit we have been led to believe. Did You Know 75% of All Heart Attack Patients Have Normal to Low Cholesterol Levels? Yes, you read that correctly. Recently, a 6-year long study involving 136,000 people came out with the conclusion that 75% of all heart attack patients had normal […]