The Restoration Plan

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Health is a Journey Not a Destination

People join The Restoration Plan for many different reasons.  Whatever the reason, 100% come because they know they are not feeling optimal.  Whether it is obesity, migraines, chronic fatigue and/or pain relief, they all come with the hope and deep desire to feel better.

What is The Restoration Plan?

The Restoration Plan is a holistic, 21 day program to get your entire body and health on the right track. The Restoration Plan is not a cleanse….it’s fun!

Why was The Restoration Plan created?

I had been under chiropractic care, acupuncture, and yoga for chronic fatigue syndrome and getting great results. So much so I went to chiropractic school. Now in practice, I was feeling healthier but something was still very wrong with my health.  I could get overwhelming fatigue hit me at unexplained times, bringing with it full debilitation.  To heal, I had tried juice fasts, water fasts, the master cleanse, the paleo diet, the Mediterranean diet, the ancestral diet, the fruitarian diet, supplement only programs, and many more.  Each one I had either failed at, had become more sick from, or it was not sustainable.  Some were much better than others.  The three that brought the greatest results were the Paleo diet, the ancestral diet and the Mediterranean diet.

Two Big Problems:

  1. The biggest problem for me was being addicted to bad food!  Even though I knew this and knew the food was bad for me, I just couldn’t help myself.  It was as if the urge could not be curbed and something other than myself would take over.
  2. The second problem for me, was food and eating are only one part of overall health.  I needed to heal my hormonal systems, sleep rhythms and physical body in synergy with food for true healing.

The Solution: Gut-Brain Axis

Then I stopped to think, and pray for several weeks. During this time I did a lot of research and reading.  I began to see a reoccurring theme that intrigued me.  Our bodies digestive and other systems work in harmony with each other. The standard way of thinking about our digestive system and other systems as two separate entities was somewhat ludicrous. Many different scientists were publishing many different answers and solutions but their was sadly no crosstalk amongst the research. One of the largest things that stuck out to me was the “Gut-Brain Axis” in which the health of the digestive system decided brain function and immunity, but also the in reverse, the health of the nervous system decided the health of the Gut.

So I began to write a program just for me.  The first time I didn’t even tell anyone, I just went about eating, moving, thinking, and being in a more restorative way for three weeks.  The results were nothing short of a miracle.  All of the symptom chasing I had done for years was gone, because when my systems collectively rested and found peace the healing began to happen.  I began to feel joy I didn’t remember having.  I began to wake rested and excited for the day.  My muscles felt alive.

Creating The Restoration Plan

Four years into building a successful chiropractic practice I took a big leap and began to write out my plan and the adventure begin.  12 intrepid people joined me at a local restaurant and we began a journey that has led me too what the program is today.  We have now taken over 100 people through the program and many people have so much fun and success that they can’t wait till the next one!

What I have found throughout the development of this program is weight loss and healing can be simplified but are not simple by any means.  The reason we see so many individuals unable to lose weight or restore their health is the chips are stacked against them in such a myriad of ways, and it is definitely not just calories in and calories out and exercise that bring health.

How The Restoration Plan Works

We focus on foods and recipes that bring vitality to your life. We will teach you to better align your body through breathing and stretching.  We have discussions on stress and it’s effect on health, blood sugar balance, sleep, and hormones. Then we link up hormone imbalance, stress and toxin overload with cravings we have for processed sugar, salt and fat “AKA junk food”.

I knew the program had helped me with my chronic fatigue but I realized their must be an underlying fabric to all disorders our society deals with, that went beyond food, that was just not being talked about.  When we begin to look at every system of the body all at once, and remove stressors from the body, the Gut Brain Axis and the body as a whole can better communicate.

What The Restoration Plan Entails:

  • Healing the digestive system with food and herbs.
  • Helping the body eliminate toxins.
  • Strengthening immunity with chiropractic, diet and herbs.
  • Healing the circadian rhythm.
  • Restoring the hypo-pituitary adrenal axis.
  • Exploring emotions around life and food.
  • Teaching proper innate movement patterns.
  • Breaking food addiction and resolving food confusion.

What is Included in The Restoration Plan:

  • A walk through at Whole Foods with Dr. Day
  • Three classroom learning sessions at Day Wellness Center
  • A Restoration E-Book
  • A Restoration E-Recipe Guide
  • Email Correspondence with Dr. Day
  • Group support from fellow Restoration attendees.
  • Discounted visits during your Program at Day Wellness Center
  • A potluck with your Restoration teammates!

A Total Body Transformation

What has happened time and time again is humbling experience. The bodies natural healing power within us, given to us by God, shows that “hope is always an option”.  People I had been treating for months were healed. Those that often had difficulty relaxing for hands on therapy melted on the table and people lives continued to change! It is astounding to watch people transform in three weeks time, and I’m amazed every time we take a group through the program.

Education Brings Inspiration

As you attend each session you will begin to look at your health and lifestyle in a totally different light. You will begin to see areas in your life that need alignment and have the knowledge to make the changes needed for lifelong wellness. Take a chance and try the program!  You won’t regret it.

The Restoration Program Gets Results

Are you having trouble with any of the following symptoms? If so its time to start the restoration process.

  • Weight Loss
  • Athletes healing faster and having incredible gains
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Post gastric bypass able to finally lose weight
  • Those suffering from sugar addiction finally being free,
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Back and Neck Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Uncontrollable Burping
  • Constipation
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Autoimmune disorders of all kinds

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Will it be expensive?

No.  We only walk through Whole Foods because it’s closest to the office with the most walking space.  You can shop for vegetables anywhere!  Restoration is about teaching you to plan your meals using whole ingredients.  It takes more time at first but not more money.

What do I have to give up?

There are three levels to the program, depending on your level of commitment. At level one is sugar and refined carbohydrates.  Level three is for chronic conditions and eliminates gluten, dairy, soy.  We meet you wherever you are!  There is no messing up! If you start the program and just eat more vegetables but don’t eliminate anything that is still a start, and you are still welcome.

Do I have to give these foods up forever?

No, once you begin to better “know yourself,”  you can better gauge if you are eating for stress or enjoyment. You recognize the times in life you forget to breathe, move and rest properly. Restoration only seeks to bring you better awareness.

Do you have to be a patient of Day Wellness?

No. Anyone can join The Restoration Program.

Is it hard?

From a restoration attendee…..

“This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be, I’m not hungry, I’m having fun, and the food is delicious.”

Making any change can be hard at first.  But with the recipes, book, and guidance most report a very smooth lifestyle transition. As long as they spend some time on food preparation and shopping at the beginning of each week, eating well was never so easy! Many have returned for a second and even third class because of how much fun they have.  Most importantly, the results hold, because we do not focus on weight loss or symptoms of any kind.  Only on healing and restoration.  When a plan becomes a paradigm shift, the chances of reverting back to old patterns are much less.

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