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The Day Wellness Center is a collective of chiropractic and acupuncture specialists who focus on pain relief, chronic fatigue and Chinese medicine in Long Beach and Seal Beach.

I have worked in Long Beach, California as a holistic chiropractor for five years at the writing of this article. I’ve seen so many unique cases over the years, with very high complexity. These are my favorite types of cases; bringing patients out of a health crisis into a state of wellness.

Many long suffering patients get better from illnesses and conditions even I am amazed of. (See how Day Wellness can help) Our body is a self healing gift! The coming articles are a series of lessons I’ve learned at the table and talking with patients, treating patients, and from my own healing journey. (click here to read story)

These articles are meant to be a bridge between the research we have to date, and theoretical reasons patients report healing from numerous disorders with what is mislabeled “alternative medicine.” We can use the current research with regards to subjects of:

Day Wllness office• epigenetics;
• neuroplasticity;
• spirituality;
• the gut brain immune axis;
• the autonomic nervous system;
• movement;
• supplementation;
• Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis
• and many more

To draw new conclusions about the health of a population, and their potential to reverse disease and feel vital health.

On one side we have a mechanistic approach to health care. Within this paradigm the body is like a car, and as certain parts get faulty and we give them synthetic fuel aka pharmaceuticals or we remove the part, surgery. This approach can be very useful at times, but we know in the United States the utilization of this approach is being overdone. This approach takes all the responsibility of health from the patient. This approach sends the message to the individual that their body is broken, and needs drastic measures to fix it. We are just cells in cased in skin, a factory line of digestion, assimilation, brain chemicals with no spirit or soul and we need better cogwheels on the assembly line and we’ll be all fixed.

As we look at our current healthcare spending numbers and our ranking of 37th on the world health organizations healthiest country rankings, we know our approach towards the health of the U.S. population is flawed.

Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Yoga, Pilates, Massage and Exercise are marginalized in this take on health. But in my personal life, in my patients life, and in the patient results of my peers something completely different is happening. The approaches to health of the marginalized professions, are getting amazing results everyday that are rarely in the news, and relegated as placebo at best by the mainstream medical professions.

These approaches hold to the vitalistic philosophy blending with the mechanistic. The vitalistic principles hold that the body is self healing, and that there is an organizing power to all matter giving a masterful design. That our bodies are a gift from God.

In naturopathic, this is call “vis medicatrix naturae,” the healing power of nature. In chiropractic, “Innate” or God’s power within us is the healing energy given to us.
In acupuncture “Chi” flows throughout the whole body organizing all processes into a perfect symphony of function. In Yoga it is called Prana.

As we look back over the ages and how long these concepts have been around, and that they were formed within very different times of humanity and cultures, I begin to think there is something to the message that continues to resonate through each healing approach.

That message is that healing is possible wherever you are at in your health condition, and than answers may come from the so called “alternatives.”

Current science would dismiss this as non-scientific immediately.

But what do we know, about what we know?

We know that science is limited to our five senses and all of science is built around that paradigm. What physics is beginning to tell us is that we actually have been able to see very little pertaining to the function of the universe, and that all of our theories are very partial in nature. See subjects of quantum physics, multiple dimensions, the behavior of subatomic particles to see that the very truth we hold is not complete truth at all when it comes to science. That a new science is emerging within all fields, tying more systems and principles together. This has come at the same time that the current patient is more informed via the internet than ever. Doctors and health practitioners now have a choice, evolve or become irrelevant, whatever your discipline.

This blog will hopefully at the very least open your mind to another approach to health. As we at Day Wellness continue to search for even more advanced methods of care for our patients, this blog will be ever changing and dynamic in nature. We will address causes of pain and ill health, but most importantly give you the tools to achieve your birthright given by God: vital health.

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