How Functional Medicine Can Help You

Dr. Day uses functional medicine to help many patients address their nutrition, supplementation, and body mind connection.

Functional Medicine along with Chiropractic saved my life.

When you are very sick and in pain you wonder how you are going to continue to function with no enjoyment in your life and constant discomfort.  When you are sick you scour the internet for answers and go to your regular GP and some specialists. They give you your diagnosis and some medications that help, but you are still struggling.

That is where functional medicine can help.  Functional medicine was designed to look at your whole body as one “functional” unit.

Dr. Day interviewing patientFor instance, instead of separating your issues, we look at how your life stress effects your adrenal hormone output, your blood sugar, and how those stress hormones have shifted your brain neurochemistry.  We do that through detailed history, questionnaires, blood work, saliva testing and reading your symptoms.

I studied with the experts in the field for years to get my Chronic fatigue and body pain to resolution. It took 4 saliva tests to bring my adrenal hormones back to normal.  I was not getting into deep sleep because of a melatonin/cortisol imbalance that I addressed over time with mentors. A stool test revealed pathogenic bacteria and poor colonization with beneficial bacteria. I had four different food sensitivies that when removed provided immense healing. The list of tweaks and changes I had to make to myself were endless.

But now the curse has become the gift.   I and blessed with a full practice of patients looking for answers and getting results.

Those that get the best results come ready to do the work, and spend the time.  Fixing chronic issues is a marathon and not a sprint.  But I believe everyone has a birthright of vibrant health waiting to be uncovered.

I have seen it countless times, and want to let you know we are here for this community.

Give us a call. 562-594-6800

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